Our holistic manx, cotton tailed, bob-tailed, part-tailed, polydactyl, and polydactyl manx country cats and kittens are naturally raised. They are kept naturally healthy with Species Appropriate Raw Food, plenty of outdoor sunshine and exercise, naturally wormed with organic food grade diatomaceous earth, clean fresh water, and quality loving care.

You won’t find healthier, radiant, disease-free kittens anywhere. These are 4th and 5th generations of raw fed, naturally raised, no traditional medicine/preventatives whatsoever, so they will never need to see a vet for disease. Provided you continue to raise them naturally, they will live long healthy 20+ year lives and take excellent care of you and your family.


They are currently eating raw chicken necks, liver, heart, gizzards, organic yogurt, and supplemented daily with:

  1. New Zealand Colostrum – to boost their immune systems to keep them healthy and strong
  2. Organic Food grade diatomaceous earth – to eliminate intestinal worms, parasites, minerals to help bone growth, prevent arthritis in older cats; provide 15 vital minerals to keep young kittens and cats healthy and strong through all stages of life.
  3. Organic Icelandic kelp – as it provides over 60 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids essential to robust health.
  4. Flea Free Food Supplement - to keep them free of fleas, ticks, and other disgusting insects.

Please see our Raising Naturally Healthy Kittens web page for more information on how we raise our healthy disease-free kittens and cats.

You MUST pick-up the kitten/cat from our location in Southern CA. We do NOT ship, nor do we send via animal transport service. Please be sure to read our requirements for those wanting to purchase kittens from us on our Policies web page.

The Ranch

We live on acreage in Southern California. We utilize solar power as our sole source of electricity. Luckily, So. Cal has tons of sunshine to keep the solar panels happy and our electrical needs met. Wood burner stoves provide the main heat sources in both the main house and cottage. We only utilize holistic methods in the treatment of plants, trees, animals, and humans. We have found that natural remedies are far superior to traditional methods. As such, we only use natural remedies.

All birds: geese, ducks, chickens, peafowl, guineas, etc. provide some weed control, as well as very effective bug control. The country cats keep the mice, rats, gophers, and cotton tail bunnies at bay. We have many predators here, i.e., mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, feral dogs, owls, hawks, etc., but we have found great protection with Great Pyrenees rescue livestock guardian dogs and llamas. We have lots of fruit and nut trees and organic veggie/fruit/herb gardens that are almost providing for all of our produce needs. We utilize all livestock, rabbit, and bird manures for our composting.

We are the home of Whispering Winds Wholistic Animal Sanctuary. This is an all animal rescue, research, development, and rehab facility. We utilize natural rearing methods in raising all animals here. No prepackaged feeds (i.e., dog food, cat food, goat mix, etc.) are used. For more information on animal health and natural rearing methods, please see our Animal Health web page. We have found, by and large, holistic methods of insect control, parasite control, and alternative natural remedies, to be much more effective and healthier for all concerned versus toxic traditional methods of treatment.

We recycle all recyclable materials. This means, if we have a used box that your order will fit in, we will ship it in that box to save a tree. Some of our packing materials are shredded paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. - making use of it a 2nd time, instead of throwing the paper away. Our planet is important to all of us! Keeping Mother Earth healthy is optimum for everyone.


Kitten Sales Policies

Please be aware, we DO NOT/WILL NOT ship kittens. If you cannot come to our Southern California location, we cannot sell you a kitten.

Please visit our Kitten Sales Policies page for more detailed information on purchasing kittens.

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