Healing Feline Distemper Naturally & Effectively

Helpful ideas, thoughts, and experience in healing distemper kittens

What's Next

Think Good Thoughts

ALWAYS think good thoughts about your kitten recovering from distemper. Our animals often know what we are thinking and if we think, "Gee, I don't think my distemper kitten is going to make it", it is possible for them to pick up on this thought and say to themselves, "Gee, they don't think I'm going to make it" and then they will start to think this as well. After all, they already think you know everything, as you are their family and you feed and care for them.

After Recovery

Kitty DT Once your kitten is eating, drinking, and playing again, we suggest continuing to dose just the 2-15 oral drops of the Kitty-DT (aka Kitty Distempaid), based on their weight, 4x/day for 2 days and twice/day with the Vibactra Plus for 2 days to prevent a relapse. Even if your kitten was treated at the vet office on IV's, the 2 days of Kitty-DT (aka Kitty Distmepaid) oral dosing will help hasten their complete recovery.

If you are using a natural antibiotic, we also recommend dosing 2x/day for 2 additional days post recovery, again, to help prevent a relapse and make sure the virus is out of their systems.

Feed small, light, numerous meals throughout the day if possible. Overloading the kitten's tummy with too much food all at once is not recommended. Monitor their play time, just a little bit, so they don't overdo it. Again though, if you used the Kitty-DT (aka Kitty Distempaid) to help your kitten heal and are continuing the 4x/day for 2 days preventative treatment to prevent a distemper relapse, your kitten should be fine without this monitoring, but for safety's sake, keeping an eye on them and not letting them overdo won't hurt them.

Rx Biotics Probiotics are also excellent to hasten complete recovery. Probiotics are microorganisms (specifically bacteria) that support all aspects of canine health and are given as a supplement with food to regulate gastrointestinal functioning by ensuring more "good" bacteria exist than "bad" bacteria in the intestines. While treating for feline distemper you will likely be using an antibiotic, alternative or traditional. Antibiotics upset the balance of the gut flora. It is beneficial to your kitten, once they start eating on their own, to add a probiotic to their regimen, we recommend the RX Vitamins for Pets Professional Veterinary Formula RX Biotic. This will help promote balanced gut flora, facilitate increased absorption of nutrients and support the immune system.

Please note: In the case of probiotics...more is not better. Do not exceed the recommended dose for recovering distemper kittens. Too much can result in diarrhea.

Preventing Distemper

Prophlyactic Treatment for Distemper: Kitty DT (formerly Kitty Distempaid) is useful as a prophylactic for kitties who have been exposed to the distemper virus, but are not exhibiting symptoms. Dosed the oral 2-15 drops of Kitty-DT (based on their weight), 4x/day for 5 days, helps to prevent them from coming down with distemper. This helped prevent 2 of our own 5 kitties from coming down with any distemper symptoms.


Every vaccine vial, human and animal, advises to NEVER vaccinate an unhealthy being. It is best not to vaccinate when an animal or human is stressed, which means not to do so on an overly hot or cold day or during times of stress. Don't vaccinate when your pet is ill. We do not recommend vaccinating at the same time you have your kitten spayed or neutered. We feel it is best to wait at least two weeks between having them vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

It takes approximately 10-14 days from the time a pet is vaccinated for their immune systems to mount a response to the vaccine. As such, for 10-14 days post vaccination, a kitten literally has no immune system. Because of this, it is best NOT to vaccinate a kitten who has been recently exposed to the distemper virus. Please wait at least two weeks post exposure to consider vaccinating.

IF you feel the need to vaccinate, we recommend using Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol, which can be found here: Dr. Jean Dodd's Vaccination Protocol

Life Cell Support If your kitten was vaccinated or chemically wormed within a week of coming down with feline distemper, we recommend giving Life Cell Support to remove the toxins from the wormer or vaccinations which can prevent recovery from feline distemper.

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, there are NO GUARANTEES your kitten will not come down with a dis-ease. Vaccinated and unvaccinated alike come down with distemper. As such, we believe it is of utmost importance to keep a kitten's immune system strong and healthy with the best quality nutrition you can give them. There are links to dog and cat nutrition information on ourAnimal Nutrition page. And more information on vaccines at our Animal Vaccines page.


It is important to disinfect all areas infected with distemper. You don't want your infected shoes, clothing, home, or grounds to possibly infect someone else's kitten. As such, here are some disinfecting suggestions:

Stress - Yours!

You say you are "stressed", due to this distemper you are dealing with? Try one or more of the following:


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