Signs of Pain in Felines

    •  Meowing
    •  Purring
    •  Hissing
    •  Growling
    •  Licking
    •  Biting
    •  Scratching a particular part of its body
    •  Withdraws form social interaction
    •  Decreased appetite
    •  Changes in sleeping or drinking
    • Fails to use the litter box
    •   Urinates frequently
    •  Won't groom or grooms less, looks unkempt
    •  Sleeps more
    •  Generally lays with feet underneath
    •  Arches back or tucks in abdomen
    •  Restless
    •  Reluctant to move
    •  Has difficulty getting up from a laying position
    •  Repetitively gets up and lies down
    •  Trembles or shakes
    •  Limps
    •  Can't leap as high
    •  Seeks more affection
    •  Avoids being petted or handled
    •  Hides
    •  Protects a part of its body
    •  Doesn't put weight on a limb
    •  Doesn't want to be held or picked up
    •  Especially a previously friendly cat
    •  Acts out of character
    •  Growls, hisses, bites
    •  Pins ears back

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